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CBS Panel Defends Nikole Hannah-Jones, Proposing that the UNC Faculty “does not want certain people in its facilities”

A CBS panel defended left-wing journalists Nikole Hannah-Jones and even supported her claims of racist treatment following her decision to turn down the term at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on Tuesday.

CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste interviewed several faculties who praised Hannah-Jones and lamented what a loss it was to her institution that it was going on. At the end of the segment on Wednesday, CBS correspondent Jericka Duncan reiterated Hannah-Jones’ suggestion that race had played a role in her delayed offer of office.

NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES rejects UNC office and accuses the university of RACISM: “ONLY SOMETHING THAT I WANT MORE”

“I think her point in this letter is that she is fighting not just for herself but for the many people whose opportunities are being stifled because there are certain people who do not want certain people in their facilities,” Duncan said .

“Howard University students are sure to be lucky enough to have her as a teacher,” Battiste said.

“This Morning” co-host Tony Dokoupil also suggested that Hannah-Jones be a heroine to those watching her situation.

“A lot of people live through it as a representative and can say, well, someone said: ‘I don’t want this job, I have a better job. Take this!'” Said Dokoupil with a laugh.

“She had many options,” agreed the other panelists.

Hannah-Jones’ legal advisor Janai Nelson, associate director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., told Batiste that if her client files a lawsuit against the UNC, it will be for violations of the First Amendment. Race and Gender Discrimination.


UNC was toasted Tuesday by social media users who described the university’s handling of the Hannah Jones situation as humiliating.

“Proud of the UNC for embarrassing and humiliating itself and its academic rigor in return for being rejected,” noted Federalist Editor-in-Chief Christopher Bedford.

Hannah-Jones, creator of the controversial but award-winning 1619 project examining the long-term consequences of slavery in America, told CBS host Gayle King on Tuesday that her decision to reject the UNC’s term was “difficult,” but one she met about “what it took” to get the offer in the first place.

UNC officials initially turned down Hannah-Jones’ tenure, but later extended an offer in a 9-4 vote of the Board of Trustees. Hannah-Jones celebrated the offer by posting a picture of her pouring herself a drink on Twitter, but ultimately decided to take a position at Howard University instead.


“Because you see what it took to get a term,” she said of her decision on the UNC’s tenure. “This was a position that came with a tenure since the 1980s. The Knight chairs are for professional journalists who work in the field to get into the academic world. Every other chair before me that also happened to be White , received this position with tenure. “

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