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Biden names other ambassador candidates and types the mayor of LA for the Indian post

He also has ties to Asia: he was the Asia Society’s First Asia 21 Fellow and has lived in Southeast Asia and Northeast Africa doing field research on nationalism, ethnicity and human rights.

Biden also named Denise Campbell Bauer as his candidate for ambassador to Monaco. Bauer was ambassador to Belgium from 2013 to 2017. She speaks French.

Previously a journalist in Los Angeles, Bauer moved to the nonprofit sector, where she held numerous management positions. In 2019, she became the executive director of Women for Biden, a group that helped elect the president. She played a similar role in the election campaign of former President Barack Obama.

Peter Haas, the President’s candidate for Bangladesh, is a senior member of the Field Service who now serves as Assistant Secretary of State and Assistant Secretary of State for Economy and Business for the Department of Foreign Affairs. Haas has worked in foreign ministry positions in five different offices, including in Mumbai, India.

Biden’s fourth nominee on Friday was Bernadette Meehan, Executive Vice President of Global Programs for the Obama Foundation. Meehan, Biden’s choice as ambassador to Chile, served as a career field officer for over a decade and held several positions on the National Security Council. Meehan was at times special assistant to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She speaks Spanish and Arabic.

The Biden government has announced that it will keep the ratio of professional and political office holders closer to the traditional 70 to 30 percent. Former President Donald Trump’s political appointees topped this traditional mark by about 45 percent of the total, leaving Biden with an unusual number of vacancies.

All presidential nominees must be approved by the Senate.

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