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Blue Texas? Don’t bet on it, says Lt. Gov. Patrick to CPAC: “I’ll never let that happen”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick vowed on Friday not to let the state become democratic and called himself the “last man to stand against future democratic presidential candidates”.

“There are many Conservative and Red states across the country, but if we fall, America will fall,” Patrick told the audience on the opening night of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas. “The New York, California, electoral vote … put together means we could never again elect a Conservative Republican to the White House.”

Texas has 38 electoral votes, the most reliable Republican state, and the second most reliable state, besides California, which is a reliable Democratic state with 55 votes.

Texas last voted for a Democrat in a presidential election in 1976 when Jimmy Carter defeated Gerald Ford.


In the recent elections, however, the gap has narrowed: In November 2020, former President Trump beat Democrat Joe Biden by less than 6 percentage points, compared to Trump’s 9-point lead over Hillary Clinton in 2016. The last four presidential elections before that in Texas were double digit victories for the Republican candidates.

The Democrats spent millions of dollars in Texas last year to turn the state inside out (once again) in hopes that Latinos and suburban voters would vote for Biden, but that never happened.

“I can tell you that as lieutenant governor of this great state that I am blessed and honored to serve, we will never allow it,” said Patrick.

He said Texas was “ready to fight for whatever is dear to you wherever you live in America” ​​and promised in 2024 that “Trumpsim will be resurrected!”

Patrick praised Trump, who will speak at the conference on Sunday afternoon.

“His politics will live on forever. He taught America to stand up and fight for this nation because this is a time and make no mistake, it’s not just about Democrats and Republicans,” Patrick said.


Texas lawmakers are working to pass a controversial voting bill that proponents say would make voting safer, but critics say it would amount to suppressing minority voters.

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