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Ingraham: It is “Corrupticrats Gone Wild” when Sharpton reappears to rekindle the “activism” of adopting the electoral law

In her “Ingraham Angle” on Friday, presenter Laura Ingraham said the US was witnessing “Corrupticrats Gone Wild” as the latest example was Harlem, NY-based activist and MSNBC presenter Al Sharpton, who started a “movement to allegedly” Rights protection “calls for vote” against efforts by Republicans to enforce safer electoral laws.

Ingraham called Sharpton a “cheater” who “always was,” adding that the civil rights activist only pretends to care about the plight of urban America but turns around and supports the same policies that helped close it to destroy.

“He pretends to promote love and unity, but his bread and butter stirs up racial unrest. Without them, he has no identity at all,” she said.

Sharpton has been criticized for several controversies over the years, including Tawana Brawley’s rape allegations in the 1980s and his involvement in the 1991 Freddy’s Fashion Mart protests in New York during the Crown Heights riots.

As Ingraham reported, Sharpton, along with other liberal activists, appeared at a meeting in the White House Thursday with President Biden “about the so-called horrors of state electoral laws that merely target corrupt electoral practices with sound rules”.

“This will be a summer of activism, a summer to get back on the streets,” Sharpton announced in the White House.

Ingraham noted that “last summer, poor American Americans didn’t get back on the streets so well.”

“He and his racial flamethrower squad don’t care about the damage and destruction that remains after that their so-called peaceful protests, “said Ingraham of Sharpton, 66.

Sharpton also announced he would “increase the street heat” and hope others will follow suit – reiterating that Republican efforts to strengthen electoral laws in the states of Georgia, Texas and Pennsylvania are troubling:

“We can’t, I repeat, can’t watch them erode our voting rights, which we stand before,” Sharpton claimed in MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Ingraham replied that Sharpton is not telling the truth:

“Nobody undermines the right to vote. He’s lying – it’s a common trait among those who think anyone should show up and vote on election day with a thumbprint. “

Ingraham added that Sharpton’s rhetoric pales in comparison to that of former Democratic Mayor of New Orleans, Marc Morial, head of the National Urban League.

In the White House, Morial claimed that Republican efforts to strengthen electoral law and uphold the Senate’s 60-vote rule are aimed at “enforcing a system.” [of] American apartheid. “

“You are suppressing the vote. You are raising the filibuster. You are taking advantage of the electoral college. You are taking advantage of the overturning of the Supreme Court, which recently undermined the suffrage law, to try to thwart the power of this great and glorious, multicultural nation,” claimed Morial.

Ingraham noted in disbelief that people like Morial continue to claim that America is “systemically racist” – “so how can it be ‘great and glorious’?”


Second, by using the word ‘apartheid’ to describe laws that require a voter ID card, he loses any credibility he might have had. Third, it is not an ‘annulment’ just because the Supreme Court makes a decision that you do fourth, Obama and Clinton and Biden won under the electoral college, didn’t they? “

“While Morial called for a peaceful approach to this supposed summer of action, we know that false claims of racism ignited the streets dating back to Michael Brown in Ferguson [Missouri] and Freddie Gray in Baltimore. “

“Given how Democrats have lied and covered up key facts about everything from kids and Covid to the border, there is no reason to trust them to run elections fairly,” she continued. “By naming their so-called voting law the ‘For the People Act,’ the Democrats are insulting the intelligentsia of the American people. It’s just another oxymoronic fraud by rogue corrupters.”

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