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Tucker blows up Mueller agent who tears up NSA claim: “Beyond belief” to be “taught about patriotism” by him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded to criticism on Fox News Primetime Friday after his revelation that the National Security Agency had reportedly “exposed” his name in communications allegedly interviewing the Russian president Vladimir Putin was wanted earlier this year.

Earlier on Friday, former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann – the senior assistant in the investigation by ex-director Robert S. Mueller III’s special investigator into whether Donald Trump was with the Kremlin in 2016 – claimed on MSNBC that Carlson was “anti-American” and undermines the civilian population’s trust in the national security state and federal institutions with its claims about the NSA:

“What worries me here is not that there was a random collection when I call a foreigner … if you are trying to reach Vladimir Putin you can be pretty sure that you are at high risk of being intercepted – [but Carlson] could have said, you see, there is a First Amendment problem here and I want to make sure that there are security measures in place in the Justice Department, “Weissmann said on Friday.

“But he didn’t go that way. He … really wanted to use that for his own purposes and sow the anti-American suspicion instead of asking legitimate questions about safeguards in the system when dealing with journalists. “

In addition, Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI deputy director of counterintelligence who became an MSNBC employee, openly doubted whether Carlson was telling the truth about a “whistleblower” who informed him that his name had been identified by the NSA.

Carlson told moderator Mark Steyn that Weissmann was the last person to teach anyone to be “anti-American” given his openly partisan behavior during the Mueller investigation.

“First of all, it is incredible to be taught the patriotism that America believes is systemically racist,” said Carlson. “The fact that Andrew Weissmann is on TV and appears to be paid – a corrupt prosecutor that he is – should be charged for what he did during the Russia investigation.”

“Instead, he raves about what patriotism is and that if you complain about the corrupt system, you are unpatriotic, submit to an unjust system or are otherwise a bad person.”

The host added that Weissman essentially believes that Carlson or anyone else should “fill out a Department of Truth comment card and schedule an appointment with the commissioner general” if they find that the national security bureaucracy is reading their email – rather than the tactics of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” presenter to publicly reveal his allegations on television.

Carlson later noted that Figliuzzi was wrong in his claims that he behaved abnormally or inappropriately:

“The FBI henchman in the first clip said something that really says a lot: He said it was really a cover up because Carlson was emailing people or talking to people he shouldn’t be talking to, and he made himself up about it Worries – who thinks so? That? “He asked.

“I’m American. I can talk to anyone I want. I can have any opinion I want. I’m not ashamed of my opinion or who I’m talking to. Why should I be?”

“Even if you think I am committing a crime, accuse me of one thing: this is a kind of totalitarian thinking and I hope it has not infected the country.”

The NSA previously released a statement responding to Carlson’s allegations, saying that its mission is based on foreign intelligence and that it only monitors citizens in “emergency situations” that require a court order.

“Tucker Carlson was never an intelligence target for the agency and the NSA never had any plans to take his program out of the air,” the statement said.


Carlson reported that a whistleblower with knowledge of or a connection with the NSA shared information with him about a story “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was working on that was only for the host and an unidentified person with whom he would have corresponded, would have been recognizable. Carlson stated that his team had also repeatedly tried to reach out to General Paul Nakasone, the Trump-appointed head of the agency.

On Wednesday, Carlson further reported that Reps. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., And Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Were demanding a Congressional investigation into the potential that the NSA is or was in possession of data contained in his texts. or email messages.

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