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POLITICO Europe appoints Jamil Anderlini as top editor – POLITICO

Jamil Anderlini, an award-winning journalist, editor and published author, will become the new editor-in-chief of POLITICO Europe, announced the publication on Monday.

Anderlini, who has joined POLITICO Europe from the Financial Times, where he oversaw editorial reporting and strategy across Asia, will move from Hong Kong to Brussels in October to lead the 100-strong editorial team.

“In just a few years, POLITICO Europe has become the dominant voice in political journalism on the continent,” said Anderlini. “I am very excited to be working with this team of exceptionally talented journalists, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work with them to help grow this publication.”

Anderlini is taking over as editor-in-chief from John Harris, founding editor of POLITICO and chairman of the editorial board of POLITICO Europe, who has held this position since the sudden death of previous editor-in-chief Stephen Brown in March.

In a statement to all employees announcing the appointment on Monday, Harris highlighted Anderlini’s leadership and stated, “He has been shown to have helped people broaden their horizons and exceed their own expectations. He supports his reporters and wins their loyalty. He believes that journalistic excellence and the diversity of editorial teams are mutually reinforcing. ”

Harris added that Anderlini was “a recognized intellectual and moral leader” who “regularly had to stand up to the Chinese authorities who tried to intimidate him or other FT journalists”.

POLITICO Europe, founded in 2015 as a joint venture between POLITICO and Axel Springer, announced in a statement that Anderlini will take over the management of the newsroom as the company prepares for a new phase of growth, driven by ambitious and effective journalism after the most successful journalism will be the course of the year so far. ”

Anderlini, a dual citizen of the United States and New Zealand who is fluent in Mandarin, has spent the past 14 years with the Financial Times, including nearly six years as an Asia editor. Before that, he was the FT Beijing office chief, prior to that he was Beijing correspondent for the South China Morning Post and editor-in-chief of the China Economic Review.

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, was confident that Anderlini’s “Asia-influenced perspective will enrich the unmistakable voice of POLITICO Europe”.

“Stephen’s death was a devastating blow for all of us,” said Döpfner. “I am grateful to John for his outstanding leadership in these difficult last months and to my colleagues in the editorial team who, despite the sadness, continued their excellent work and their full commitment.”

Robert Allbritton, Executive Chairman and Editor of POLITICO LLC, said Anderlini’s move was “a great convergence: one of the most successful new media platforms of the generation is now being led by one of the most promising media leaders of his generation.”

Claire Boussagol, CEO of POLITICO Europe, said: “Jamil’s global experience, fresh eyes and keen intellect, together with the recognized collective talent of our newsroom, will prove to be a recipe for continued success. I couldn’t be happier working by his side as we strive to take the publication to new heights. ”

POLITICO Europe, which was profitable within the first four years, has newsrooms in Brussels, London, Berlin and Paris.

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