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Conservative Latinos Resist MSNBC Claims They Are In “Crisis”: “No, We’re Waking Up”

DALLAS – Conservative Latinos rejected an MSNBC contributor’s claim that Latino voters are in “crisis” because so many have distanced themselves from the Democratic Party and voted for President Donald Trump in 2020.

“What we are seeing right now is a cultural identity crisis that we are experiencing as a community that is completely dividing and dividing Latinos,” said Paola Ramos, an MSNBC employee, earlier this week.

Mercedes Schlapp asked a group of conservative Hispanic leaders to respond to Ramos’ allegation during the panel discussion “Common Values, Common Interests, and Common Culture: How Conservative Latinos Affect the Future of American Politics” at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

Is it true that your congregation was facing a “crisis”, Schlapp wondered.

MSNBC EMPLOYEES Complain About “Crisis” As Latinos Pull Away From DEMOCRATS

“No, absolutely not,” said Betty Cardenas, chair of the Republican National Hispanic. “We’re waking up. I think the Latinos are finally waking up.”

Maria Salinas Miller and Bianca Gracia of Latinos for America First were also quick to refute the MSNBC employee’s claims.

“Yes, it’s a crisis for the Democrats,” Miller told Fox News, turning Ramos’ argument around. “Because we come because of those votes.”

“There is the misunderstanding or myth that just because we are minorities we should vote for Democrats, and we try to tell them that we don’t align ourselves … We base our voting on our value system,” she continued. These are usually most closely linked to the Republican candidates. “


Consistent with this, the conservative leaders identified socialism, abortion and education as the most important political issues for their population. Cardenas urged Hispanic parents to step forward in their local communities as many are concerned about what children are learning in government-run, union-controlled schools.

“Our children’s education is not our values,” said Cardenas. “The same education … is not what our children are getting now. Social studies has been completely stopped. And now they are putting in some programs that are completely against our values ​​and teach our children more about sexuality.”

The only way they can make a difference is to “go and vote” and take back their local cities.

Speaking specifically of socialism as the reason Latinos flee the Democrats, Gracia noted that struggling countries like Venezuela and Cuba, where protests recently erupted amid a burgeoning economic crisis, are an important lesson for the US to learn about freedom to protect at all costs. President Trump brought his anti-socialist message to Hispanic communities in the 2020 campaign season, while progressive lawmakers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y. propagated a socialist progressive policy.

“The Democratic Party is spreading a message of socialism and communism that is not getting through at all in our communities,” said Gracia. “They fled communism and socialism … and they don’t want that here in this country.”

“The Democratic Party has left us,” she concluded.

Fox & Friends weekend“Co-organizer Rachel Campos-Duffy joined in a recent section in putting down Ramos’ argument calling the narrative “racist”.

“The Hispanic voter is becoming more sophisticated and nuanced,” said Campos-Duffy. “And they don’t respond to the ‘you’re all racist’ that the Democrats are trying to say.”

“Hispanic voters look and say which party will protect my wages, my neighborhood, my family and my Christian values, my values ​​for life,” she added.


Despite his possible loss to President Joe Biden, Trump won 38 percent of Hispanic voters in 2020, a 10-point increase from 2016, according to analysis by the Pew Research Center.

“We’re done with the ingratiation,” said Cardenas. “We don’t want fake politicians who come and lie to us and just come to every election cycle. We hold them accountable. President Trump promised something and he kept his promises and we saw the results.”

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