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Trudeau: U.S.-Canada border could open to fully vaccinated Americans in August

Almost 80 percent of eligible Canadians have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine; and at least 53 percent are fully vaccinated, according to deputy chief health officer Howard Njoo.

These vaccination rates are higher than in the United States, where nearly 56 percent received at least one dose and more than 48 percent are vaccinated.

The Trudeau government previously suggested that current border restrictions not be relaxed until at least 75 percent of Canada’s population are fully vaccinated.

Print from the USA: Trudeau’s careful handling of the land border has not made many new friends in the States, including Rep. Brian Higgins, DN.Y. and Jonathan Rivera, a member of the New York State Assembly.

The couple issued a joint statement earlier this month calling on the Canadian government to open the land border, arguing that “the need for such drastic measures has now expired”.

“We respectfully ask Canadian officials to use the powers established by their offices to finally end the border closure on July 21 and bring our two great nations back to a place of legendary camaraderie,” the statement said.

Midwestern lawmakers unanimously passed a resolution at the Midwest Legislative Conference on Wednesday calling on the White House and the Canadian government to come to an agreement to ease restrictions on allowing fully vaccinated travelers to cross the border between the USA and Canada to allow.

Brief background: The US-Canada border has been closed to all non-essential travel since March 2020. This first agreement between the two countries at the start of the pandemic was renewed monthly.

The last extension is expected to expire on July 21st.

Trudeau has taken a cautious approach to pressure to reopen the US-Canada border to non-essential travel. In a series of interviews this week, he cited Delta variant concerns and case studies from countries reintroducing restrictions due to a surge in new cases. He stressed that any easing of the border restrictions would have to be introduced in “gradual” next steps.

What’s next: The reading from Trudeau’s meeting with his provincial and territorial counterparts said that further details will be revealed for a possible plan to reopen the border next week.

As for the mobility of fully vaccinated Canadians, Trudeau said more work needs to be done nationally and internationally.

The prime minister told reporters Tuesday that his government would work with the provinces and territories “to ensure that there is an internationally recognized vaccination certificate that will allow Canadians to travel freely for years to come.”

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