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Padres Nats game suspended after shooting outside the stadium

More than two dozen police cars, ambulances and fire engines were parked in the street in front of the third base of the stadium, and a police helicopter hovered over them.

The Padres had just cleared the field for the floor of the sixth when several loud bangs were heard from the left side of the field of the ballpark.

Fans sitting in the left field quickly began to walk through the center field gate. A short time later, the fans quickly began to leave their seats along the first base page. For security reasons, some fans crowded into the padres’ dugout on the third base side, as sirens could be heard from outside the park.

Arman Ramnath, 27, from nearby Arlington, Virginia, and a recent law school graduate, said he and a friend were sitting in the third base side of the stadium when they heard what sounded like fireworks.

“We weren’t sure what it was. Then everyone started to duck, ”said Ramnath.

Ramnath said that he and his friend hid behind their seats for five or more minutes. After a while people started getting up and walking, he said, but stadium announcements urged fans to wait. Finally they were allowed to leave.

“It felt very surreal. I wasn’t sure how to react, ”said Ramnath. “I mean, you hear about it … but you never expect it to be something that could affect you.”

The Nationals first announced that there had been an incident outside the stadium and posted a message on the scoreboard urging fans to stay inside the stadium.

About 10 minutes later, the team tweeted, “A shooting was reported outside Third Base Gate in Nationals Park. Fans are encouraged to exit the ballpark using the CF and RF gates at this time.

The Padres were leading 8-4 when play was interrupted. It will continue on Sunday afternoon, followed by the regular game.

Fernando Tatis Jr. had four hits for San Diego. Ryan Zimmerman homered for Washington.

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