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George P. Bush warns that the border crisis “is unsustainable” when he sued Biden over the Wall and beats Dems for fleeing

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush warned Tuesday that the border crisis was “unsustainable” when he explained how his office sued the Biden administration for ending the construction of the Wall and the Texas Democrats for escaping it State set out.

“I can tell you this is the worst I’ve ever seen and the statistics back it up,” Bush said in an interview with Fox News about the border crisis, referring to statistics showing that June was more when 188,000 migrants were arrested.


“Farmers and ranchers have long been used to illegal activity, but they have reached a point where they are no longer sustainable and we need the help of the federal government,” he said.

He announced the lawsuit last week as part of the Texas Defense Task Force, which was appointed by Bush to identify the federal handover and address perceived threats to the Texan economy. It is suing Biden and the Department of Homeland Security on the grounds that putting an end to the wall was illegal.

More than 450 miles of border walls were built during the Trump administration, including in Texas. Opponents of the wall said it was cruel and ineffective, while proponents said it was an integral part of a border strategy to stop the flow of illegal immigration.

Arrests of migrants at the southern border rose again to 188,000 in June, topping 1 million this FISCAL YEAR

Bush told Fox that a wall is one of several tools that can be used to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the United States

“It is a very effective tool to combat illegal activity and drug cartel pressure, and at least to be able to direct illegal activity in a direction where federal, state, regional and local law enforcement agencies threaten the border.” is presented, better able to stop and contain communities and people across the country, “he said.

He said the lawsuit came about after farmers contacted his office near Rio Grande City. The unfinished wall was on a stretch of land that, if completed, would have been along state lands.

One farmer “noticed waves of migrants coming to his Texas-leased land, so we started building the case as a good lawyer does, evidence to bring this case against the federal government,” he said .

By setting up cameras and other tools, it was found that around 1,500 migrants move across state land tended at the border each month.


Bush’s announcement comes after Governor Greg Abbott said last month that Texas was pushing its own wall-building efforts – and announced a $ 250 million down payment for the project. It is also funded by public donations and nearly $ 400,000 was raised in the first week.

“I think my message to the people who are not in Texas is to learn more about the cost and burden we carry because people are tired of it and want help from their national government,” Bush said.

He also described the Texas Democrats who fled the state to take away the quorum from state lawmakers to vote on the electoral integrity law as “utterly disgraceful.”

“I think it’s extremely disappointing, not just for the way we govern Texas, but also for its constituents, and we should change the constitution so that a legislature who quits in the middle of a special session does not Receives daily allowance and not “a salary,” he said.


He said he believed what he called a “PR stunt went wrong” politically harmed them and also dealt a blow in their beer choice.

“I think a lot of voters, including the Democrats here in Texas, are upset that their leadership fled the state, left on private jets, and broke into Miller Lites,” he said. “I don’t know what’s the most obnoxious thing about it – maybe it’s the Miller Lite. As good Texas beer drinkers, there is plenty of great Texas beer to drink. “

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