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In Fox News, vaccination is stepping up, but skepticism remains

Mr Biden’s advisors say they are cautious about criticizing Fox News directly, arguing that it would be counterproductive to get a message out for the vaccine to Fox News viewers.

“We need to step up every media platform and make sure their coverage provides accurate, objective information,” White House spokesman Kevin Munoz said in a statement that avoided an aggressive attack on Fox News. “As with any misinformation, we are not afraid to shout it out.”

Some right-wing media outlets have generated mixed coverage of vaccines in the past few days. Breitbart News, for example, still has articles on their website that are grouped under the “Mask / Vax Cult” category. But Newsmax, a cable broadcaster whose opinions are farther to the right than Fox News, published an essay by its chairman, Christopher Ruddy, on Tuesday praising Mr Biden’s vaccination efforts.

“I got the Pfizer vaccine myself,” wrote Mr Ruddy in the article posted on the Newsmax website. “To me, there is no question that countless lives would have been saved if the vaccine had been available sooner.”

In an interview, Mr Ruddy said the White House had not contacted Newsmax about its coronavirus coverage. He said he wanted to commend Mr. Biden for his “good work” but also warned that his network would censor alternative views. “I don’t want to be the thought police,” he said.

Fox News has its own 30-second vaccine public announcement with moderators and moderators Mr. Doocy, Harris Faulkner, Dana Perino and John Roberts. “If you can, get the vaccine,” said Ms. Faulkner in the ad. The moderator Bret Baier said in April that he was “grateful” to be vaccinated. Mr Hannity and Mr Doocy previously told viewers to consider whether vaccination would be beneficial for their lives and families.

In Fox & Friends on Monday, Mr Doocy reiterated government officials, noting that almost all coronavirus deaths now affect unvaccinated people. After acknowledging that some people, such as pregnant women, might hesitate, he said, “Everyone else, if you can, get the syringe.” Mr. Doocy also gave examples of online disinformation where it was claimed that the vaccine would “kill a lot of people” or “alter your DNA” or come with “tiny microchips”

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